About GFoRD

GFoRD: Ang Media ni Duterte is a blog site that republishes stories often ignored in the mainstream media. While giving coverage to the big stories of the day, it also bring our readers’ attention to government policies, politics, legal and human rights stories that get ignored in an infotainment culture driven solely by oligarchic media.

Posts on this site are sourced from the available news, photos, videos or images on the web which we found to be worth sharing to the general public. If we mistakenly included a photo without proper credit or could be a violation of any intellectual property rights, please contact us and inform us so that we can remove it if necessary.

Founding History

The Global Friends of Rody Duterte (GFoRD) started as an advocacy group which hopes to spread and share with the rest of the country the secrets to Rody Duterte’s governance style and formula which turned Davao City from one of the most violent cities in Asia to become the 4th Safest City in the World. As an advocacy group, it hoped that as people get to know Rody Duterte better, the clamor for him to vie for the Presidency will gather greater support and convince the reluctant Davao City Mayor to step up to the challenge.

GFoRD was organized on September 11, 2015, by Tatay Ash upon the guidance and directions of Manny Piñol, now the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. It started as the overseas wing of the Friends of Rody Duterte (FoRD) chaired by Andrea Domingo, now the Chairperson of PAGCOR.

The initial organization of GFoRD was started with the coordination made by co-organizer Peddie Holanda with Rene Concordia, the National Coordinator of FoRD, upon whose (Rene Concordia) initiatives paved the way for the group to talk to, then a reluctant candidate, Rody Duterte who, thereupon, blesses the organization of GFoRD. Subsequent organization of GFoRD members was initiated and done by Rudy Dianalan (for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Ramon Franco (for the United Arab Emirates).

Consequently, the GFoRD Social Media Network was set up which saw the creation and mobilization of (1) the GFoRD Facebook group, (2) the GFoRD Facebook page, (3) the GFoRD website, (4) the GFoRD Twitter, and (5) the GFoRD videos.

As it is today, GFoRD now stands not only as an advocacy group but as ‘Ang Media ni Duterte’ which aims to spread and share with the rest of the country, via its social media networks, the plans, programs and activities of the Duterte administration. Its news outlets are mainly the GFoRD Facebook group, the GFoRD Facebook Page, and the GFoRD website which acts as the content publishing system for everything that revolves around the Duterte administration.