Sen. Gordon: We finally have a leader who wants to solve the problem. We should give him the right tools.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. We all don’t like the killings. The President too. Yet, we also want to fix our drug problem in the quickest and most effective way possible. In the current circumstances we are in, when drug lords are already in jail yet still powerfully giving orders in the outside world, and not a cent of their belongings in the possession of government – all the strides the president has made will soon go to waste. Ano mang panalo nya laban sa droga, mawawalang bisa, dahil nawala man ang mga addict at pusher, may papalit muli at paikot ikot lang tayo dahil hindi talaga matutumbok ang puno’t dulo at talagang mga may sala. As it is, talk is rife regarding the culprits of the unexplained killings -drug lords, police, even government officials wanting to disassociate themselves from those who can point them out. We are even now hearing that the drug lords could have paid Abu Sayyaf to bomb Davao City. THE FACT IS THE GRIP OF DRUGS IN THIS COUNTRY IS SO TIGHT AND HARD THAT IT EVEN ESCAPES DEATH.

The president has declared an all out war against drugs. And rightfully so. And the Constitution with the help of Congress can afford him the powers to fight an all out war within the confines of the rule of law.

I AM NOT ONE TO PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE. Extra especially so on this one. If we want real change, we need real solutions. The president has declared a state of national emergency on account of lawless violence. Already people are asking what it’s implications are. In reality it is a mere declaration. Only Congress can define the powers of emergency the president may exercise.

I OWE MY ALLEGIANCE TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. AND NOT TO ANY ONE PERSON. And that is why I want it defined now. Lest more killings occur. We have to use the Constitution. Use the rule of law. You complain about extra-judicial and unexplained killings, and yet you are unwilling to give our government the proper tools they need to put a stop to it.

I AM NOT PROPOSING MARTIAL LAW. What I am proposing will prevent Martial Law. It will give our chief executive and our police force real but limited powers. It puts restraints on what they can and can’t do. It clearly defines the process within the rule of law. It will have limits, both in breadth and in time. We cannot have our police force -baton toting and whistle blowing, chasing criminals who have within their arsenal an unlimited choice of arms, financed by money sourced from drug lords not just in our country but clearly outside too. Our police force has been risking their lives in the dark for the longest time. It’s about time we give them the RIGHT TOOLS commensurate to the fight they are bravely doing for the whole country.

The existing justice system in this country is so messy and convoluted. You have to go through all the letters of the alphabet several times over to get from point A to point B. That is if you get lucky to get to point B. We need to fast track the system. We cannot wait anymore. For a long time, we tried waiting. Waiting for justice to happen. And what happened was, an overpowering criminal INjustice system.

How many more times do you want to see cardboards hanging around dead bodies saying ‘pusher/addict ako, huwag tularan,’ justice dished out on old, banged up cardboard? how many more times do you want people taking the law in their own hands? how many more times do you want small fries sacrificed to shhh information about all the big fish?

We finally have a leader who wants to solve the problem. And will do everything to solve the problem. Finally it is not just a press release. Why shouldn’t we give him the right tools? We owe it to him. We owe it to ourselves. The president needs our help. We cannot just leave him there alone. And without the right tools. It’ will be like feeding him to the wolves. Feeding ourselves to the wolves.